Monday, January 15, 2007

C-Sections Cause Problems is an article indicating that babies born via planned c-section are more likely to be transferred to NICU than those born vaginally.

I for one believe the skyrocketing c-section rate is a matter of responsibility/control. We as a society have made OB's responsible for the outcome of a birth. If the baby is "damaged" our courts hold the OB financially responsible. I don't know about you, but when I am made responsible for something, I want control over it. If it is my job to make sure xyz reports are correct, then those who prepare them (if it isn't me) better have them on my desk in plenty of time for me the check them before they are turned in. If my name is going on the bottem of the letter, I want to read it before it goes out. It is my job to keep my kids safe, therefore I make the rules. Doctors have little control over natural vaginal deliveries. They happen when they happen at the rate of speed that Mother Nature decides on. When problems happpen they can happen very fast; sometimes too fast to deal with--and it isn't unusual for a problem to be unexpected. In short, in a vaginal delivery, doctors have little control and lots of responsibility. OTOH, when it comes to c-sections, the doctors, for right or wrong, can say "I know how to do a section, I'm not going to make a mistake". They still have the responsibility, but now they have some control too. I think it is the same way with breastfeeding and pediatricians. We have made pediatricians responsible for our children's health. With breastfeeding, they have little control. They don't know how much the baby is eating or the exact composition of the milk calorie/fat/protien/drug wise. When a problem comes up, since they are responsible, they look to gain control and a bottle of formula (even if they admit that ideally breastmilk would be better) gives them control--they know what the baby is eating and in what amounts.


  1. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Hummm- always thought that about c- section- but never put it in the breastfeeding area.I was urged---well pushed- to bottle feed my second. I did both. He ended up fine- but I think I probably could have done without the urging.

  2. Excellent points Ruth!

    I am reading the comments over on Danielle Bean's blog about C-sections and I find it hard to believe how much control these gals are willing to hand over with very little research on their parts. It's astounding really.


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