Thursday, January 18, 2007


Without being an insufferable know-it-all,let me say that school was always easy for me. Good grades came without much work; often with no real work outside the classroom. Any grade less than a "B" was bad and I honestly didn't think I "got" the few classes that earned me "C" or lower. Today I'm happy because "we" got two c's and two d's. Things don't come as easily to my son as they did to me, and I'm the designated homework helper, so I figure those grades are as much mine as his. It was a tough semster and I'm glad it is over. I question how much of those courses he'll retain (or really got in the first place) but I'm glad to put a check mark next to them as completed. Hopefully this semester's classes will be easier; they seem to be so far. Its funny how perspective on grades can change.

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  1. High school is definitely a challenge for him. If I'm remembering correctly the "two of you" got better grades last year. Is there an easier level available for the courses in which he got Ds.?


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