Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Bunch of Older Moms

Ever wonder what happened to the folks with whom you went to college? Thanks to the wonders of the internet (and an alumnae directory from Mississippi University for Women) I've discovered that my favorite classmate in the education department is now a principal, and has a son with problems like my son's. I've also discovered that out of the about 10 girls on my hall (we were allowed to sign up for rooms as a group, so you lived next door to and down the hall from your friends), who were all my age, three of us had babies within a few months of each other. What is remarkable is that these women's kids who are my kid's age, aren't the age of my older kids, but of my baby, who was born just weeks before my 43rd birthday. One of those women is Michele, whose blog is the newest on my blogroll. We ran into each other again on our alumni listserve. The other is Norma. I don't know why, but her name popped in my head the other day, so I tried googling her, and even found a picture. For some reason, she looks a little older than I remember her, but her baby has to have been born within weeks of mine, because both were fifteen months old for Katrina.

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  1. I lived at home so I didn't really have college friends. But I have checked in with high school friends in recent years. I was so sad to learn of those that were living with a boyfriend and not even thinking of getting married
    :( So much for the 17 years of Catholic schooling they had


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