Saturday, March 17, 2007

I Love You Mr. P

I've said many times that one of the nicest things about working in my office building is Mr. P., the security guy who is on duty workdays in the morning, until about 2. He greets everyone, recognizes strangers and directs them to thier destinations, calls elevators for people who have thier hands full, wishes everyone a "happy Friday" and generally makes you smile as you pass his desk in the morning.

Friday I went down to the little snack shop for something sweet. I was by myself. As I headed toward the elevator, Mr. P approached me. He said he'd been trying to get me by myself, said I looked great and asked how much weight I'd lost. It made my day.

Friday evening I had the baby in the stroller and was out for a walk. We ran into some neighbors I hadn't seen in a while and she told me that I looked like I had been losing weight. Today at WW I got my 20 lb star!


  1. Way to go!!!! 20 lbs is quite an accomplishment.
    I need to get motivated to lose 10-20 lbs more - I lost 15 lbs last year.

  2. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Fantastic that you hit that 20 lbs mark. Congrats on hanging in there- and it is good to know that there is someone watching over you at work:>) ~Janette

  3. Ruth, congratulations on your weight loss!


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