Sunday, July 29, 2007

Book Review: Heroes of the Faith: Mother Theresa

I just finished a book about Mother Theresa that is part of a series of books called Heroes of the Faith. A sticker on it indicated that it came from the chain of Christian bookstores that is in our mall. The list of heroes includes some familiar names such as John Bunyan, George Washington Carver, Billy Graham, Martin Luther and John Wesley and some unfamiliar ones like Amy Carmichaell, George Muller, Watchman Nae and Mary Slessor. It is obviously not a Catholic series and the author of this book was obviously not Catholic, often referring to mass as "a religious service". That being said, for a kids' book it wasn't too bad. I learned a lot about Mother Teresa and there was no Catholic bashing. The language was somewhat stilted, which is often a problem when books are written for kids by less talented writers. In other words, this was no classic, but it was a quick easy read about a wonderful woman. If you want it, it is on my bookmooch list.

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