Saturday, July 14, 2007


As my regular readers know, I've been a Weight Watcher's member since January, and I've done well on the program. However, the last few months have been rough. I was hoping to lose 40 lbs by my birthday, June 25, and then by July 4...but I finally reached that level today. I've lost just about every week, just not those 2+ pounds per week.

On the positive side, I started walking when I started the program, and around April, I started trying to run. The track by my house is 1/4 mile around, and in April, I could only jog about 1/4 of the way around it. Tonite I jogged 3/4 of a mile, after walking a mile to get there. I then walked 1/2 mile and followed that by running as fast as I could around the track, and I made it 1/2 way around it. I just hope I can keep the activity level up after school starts.


  1. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Way to go, Ruth!!

  2. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Ruth that is great! Congrats

  3. Ruth,


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