Friday, August 24, 2007

Book Review: Five for Sorrow Ten for Joy

I just finished a wonderful book by Rumor Godden, titled Five for Sorrow, Ten for Joy. It is about a prostitute/madame who ends up as a nun. One thing I liked about the book was that when the main character, Lise, was a prostitute/madame she wasn't all bad. While rule breaking got her into that profession, she wasn't a mean, cruel person without redeeming features, and as a matter of fact, without giving the plot away, it is that good in her that causes her to go to prison--where she meets the nuns in the order she eventually joins. However, as much good as we see, we also see her grappling with her weakness as a nun. It is a story of the saving power of Christ and yet it is not a preachy book, but an enjoyable novel. It's on my Bookmooch and Swaptree lists if you want it.

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