Sunday, August 19, 2007


Elena at My Domestic Church turned me on to Swaptree. It is another trading site, but instead of just dealing in books, it deals in books, computer games, dvds and cd's. I've been playing around on it tonite because my son wants new computer games for old. So far, I prefer the instant gratification of Bookmooch but if I was more into computer games or dvds I might like this better. Basically you go in and create a list of items you are willing to trade. As you enter them, the system tells you whether anyone wants them right now, such that a trade can be arrange, and what you can trade for. Items trade 1 for 1 so if you won't trade that paperback for a dvd, don't enter it (though you aren't under any obligation to make any particular trade). The system will find three way trades--where you send something to me, I send something to a third person who sends something to you. If you send something out, you get something in return, that's the good part. The bad part is that it can take a lot of entering to find something that makes a match. You also do an "i want" list so that if I enter something you want, they can try to set up a match. I entered a bunch of stuff tonite, including three of my son's games and his two summer reading books. There were a few games for which he could trade (basically one guy wanted it and had three up as trades) and the most hits came from Travels with Charley--but since the books offered in trade were mainly kids' books, I wonder if they were kids looking for books for summer reading assignments, who wouldn't be interested in trading now. Take a look, see if you like it.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this website, Ruth! I'm checking it out. :)


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