Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Last year I blogged that I was disappointed that our parish no longer did Christmas pagents. We got a new DRE this year, and the pagents, while changed, are back. Our pastor wants us to celebrate Advent, not Christmas, during Advent, so that does limit us somewhat, but our new DRE had the kids do a Posada during the last religion class. This is a Hispanic tradition during which people pretending to be Mary and Joseph go from place to place knocking on doors, and being turned away, until the end when they are let in. While I think the execution could be improved (they had a hundred or so people walking from place to place on the church grounds and with the exception of a few, they couldn't see or hear Mary, Joseph or the people turning them away) I'm glad they chose to do something--especially since my daughter was picked to be Mary.

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  1. Anonymous10:34 PM

    She makes a lovely Mary, too. This sounds like fun.


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