Monday, January 21, 2008

Ceder Cove

Ceder Cove is a (I' m assuming) fictional small town across a bay from Seattle WA where Debbie Macomber sets a series of books, each titled after the address of one of the characters. As I suppose is true in many small towns, the residents' lives intertwine. The books reference things that happen in other books, so if you read them out of order (which I have) some of the suspense is gone, but if you like books where you "know" the characters and where, for the most part, the endings are happy, even if a bit unrealistic, you'll like these. The characters include a domestic court judge, a private investigator, a photographer and his gallery managing wife, a Navy man and his wife and kids, the local newspaper editor, the mother and daughter of the judge, a couple of hairdressers and a chess champion. Quite a mix--and frankly some of the story lines are a bit far-fetched. Classical literature this is not, but the books are fun.

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