Sunday, April 20, 2008

Library Books

It seems with Bookmooch I've forgotten the library exists. Well, I haven't exactly forgotten, but I'm always at the library with kids and don't really get a chance to look for books I want for any length of time. Well, recently I had to take Jay to the library for books for a school project. While there I did take a minute to grab a few books.

I grabbed four of Katherine Valentine's Dorsettville series books: A Miracle for St. Cecilia's, A Gathering of Angels and On a Wing and a Prayer. They are all about the life and times of the people of a New England town, Doresettville, as told through the eyes of the Catholic pastor. They are feel good reads but have no real substance to them. There are way too many miraculous happenings, IMO--and not miracles like the rich benefactor coming in at the last minute, but rather people being healed from terminal cancer because they touched a rosary given to a nun by Mary in Medjugoria, or an elderly priest being carried by angels across town in a blizzard and put inside a house whose owner was out of town. I still have one book left to read in the series, and if I find it, I probably will read it; but great literature this stuff is not.

My other library book was Touched by Angels which like most stuff written by Debbie Macomber was pure fluff. It is about three angels sent to answer prayers of three humans during the Christmas season. Of course all the prayers are answered happily, and the angels goof up a little. Oh, yea, some of the prayers dealt with marriage and of course they were answered, but not quite in the way originally expected. My only complaint is that one of the characters is a devout Catholic who is teaching in an inner city school. One of her students confesses she is pregnant and the next day she teaches a lesson about sex, stressing abstinence, but also pushing "safe sex".

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