Monday, April 07, 2008

More Homework

The good news: My son passed 3/4 classes last nine weeks, and his grades, which are about what he has gotten all along at this school (though these are basic level classes rather than college prep level ones) are HIS grades, not mine. The one class he failed would be considered an elective where he is going next year, so unless he fails a different class next nine weeks, he should go over there next year as a junior.

The bad news: My daughter tried to see how little homework she could do last nine weeks and still get decent grades. She overestimated the amount she could miss by quite a bit.

The good news: At least it is a solvable problem, and its one I have a strong financial incentive to solve. She's grounded until at least interim reports and I'm checking homework daily, riding her constantly. Hopefully I'm making her at least as miserable as she's making me.

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