Sunday, May 25, 2008

I Guess I Should Write about Something Other than Books...

but maybe later.

I just finished a trilogy by Catherine Palmer. The books are Prairie Rose, Prairie Storm and Prairie Fire. They are set shortly after the Civil War in Kansas. They are Christian romances and I enjoyed them. They deal not only with affairs of the heart but also with the gritty work of making a home on the prairie. I got through three of them in two days so obviously they aren't heavy reading but for the genre they were pretty well well written. If you like this kind of book, I' d recommend it.

I also read the first book in another trilogy, Lawana Blackwell's The Widow of Larkspur Inn. It is Christian historical fiction and a bit more substantial than the Prairie books. It is set in Victorian England and tells the story of a widow who finds all her assets gone due to her husband's gambling. All her assets that is, except an inn in a small town. This is the story of her moving to that small town and establishing her new life. While the book has romantic elements, she is still single at the end of the book. I'd definitely trying to find the rest of the trilogy.

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