Sunday, September 26, 2010

Code Triage by Candace Calvert

Code Triage (Mercy Hospital)

I just love a good romance novel and Code Triage (Mercy Hospital) certainly filled the bill.  Leigh is an ER doctor and loves her horse.  Nick is her husband, but their divorce will be final soon.  He is a police officer.  While they were first separated, but hadn't decided to divorce, Nick had a one-night stand with the sister of his best friend.  Once Leigh learned this, she decided that divorce was the only solution.  He wants her back, but she refuses to let him get close.  Then one day there is a crisis at the hospital that involves Leigh, Nick and  the other woman.  How will things resolve?

All the main characters in Code Triage (Mercy Hospital) have been deeply hurt and/or abandoned by the people in their past.  Learning to lean on loved ones and on God doesn't come easily to any of them.  

For most of the book you'd barely realize you were reading a Christian romance. A couple of the characters are chaplains, but if you didn't know the term had a religious meaning, you'd guess they were some sort of counselors.  There is a mention of a prayer group and a couple of quick prayers by characters, but for most of the book, this book is about Christians more than it is about Christianity.  At the end, when everything is being tied up neatly, there is a chapter that is pretty heavy on the faith elements--the need to have God as part of the marriage, trusting in Him, etc. 

This book is number three in a series and while there is some vague sense at the beginning of the book that there may be some backstory you are missing, you don't need to read the other two books to enjoy this one.  At the end there is kind of a wrap-up chapter that catches you up with the couples from the other two books, and if you haven't read them, you'll kind of wonder why these strangers get all those lines at the end of the book, but if you are a fan of the series, you'll enjoy that quick "catch-up".  

Grade:  B+

I'd like to thank the Tyndale Blog Network for providing a review copy of the book.  I was not obligated to write a positive review-I really did enjoy this book.  You can read my reviews of Calvert's other books by clicking on the titles:  Critical Care and Disaster Status


  1. Hmmm?? the first two I got through First WildCard.... but I missed this one. Sounds good


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