Sunday, September 12, 2010

Deep in the Valley: My Review

Deep in the Valley (Grace Valley Trilogy)

So, what does a woman who has a huge stack of review book sitting in her room do on a long weekend?  Why go to the bookstore, of course.  If you look at my archives for this summer you'll note that I read Robyn Carr's Virgin River books.  I enjoyed them, but like many series, but they end the books spent so much time catching you up with old characters that the story line was, in my opinion, somewhat diluted in the later books.    At the bookstore I found Deep in the Valley (Grace Valley Trilogy) which is about a small town near where the Virgin River books were set.  It features June Hudson, the local doctor, and her friends and neighbors.  It is set before the Virgin River books so to some extent I knew how some of the story would end, but like most community sagas, the story was the characters as much as the plot line.  While the book contains non-marital intimate relationships, there are no vivid bedroom scenes.  

Grade:  B+

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  1. Despite reading an entire book last night (juvenile) for review... I still have books TBR in a wicker laundry basket, wicker picnic basket, small box and part of a dresser drawer. I want my summer reading time back


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