Sunday, April 03, 2011

My Review: When You Believe

When You Believe

About the Book:
Lydia "Lyddie" Porter has waited a long time to be happy. She loves everything about being a school counselor at Shadrach High School, and she loves everything about teacher Charlie Stains. Lydia truly believes that God answered her prayers when big-hearted Charlie came into her life. And though she hasn't told a soul, Charlie has given her an engagement ring. That's what makes one pretty sophomore's story so unimaginable…and so devastating.

The distraught girl says an adult has sexually abused her, that she is terrified of what he'll do if she tells—and that "he" is Charlie Stains. Now Lydia must, by law, report the teenager's charges. What happens next will test her love, her resolve to uncover the truth, and her belief in the power of faith to comfort, redeem, and heal.

My Comments:
This was a treadmill book and I got through 290 pages in two nights, and at least partly as a result of that, got my star at Weight Watchers for losing 20 pounds.  It was an interesting fast-moving story though I found the part about Lyddie's relationship with the student in question to be somewhat unrealistic.  It is a Christian novel and deals with themes of trust, love, forgiveness and especially, the presence of God.  Grade:  B.

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  1. Wow, that sounds like a good one. And congrats on the 20 pound mark!


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