Sunday, May 29, 2011

Monday Memes

Mailbox Monday is hosted this month by MariReads and is where book bloggers gather to share what showed up in their mailboxes this week, whether those mailboxes received email or snail mail.

Snail Mail: 

Forever After: A Hanover Falls NovelA fire killed his best friend and his lifelong dream of being a firefighter. The same fire killed her husband and hopes for a family. Can new dreams replace old?

Lucas Vermontez was a proud firefighter like his father. Now, not only has he lost his father and his best friend, Zach, in the fire at the Grove Street homeless shelter, but the devoted rookie can no longer do the work he loves after being crippled in the tragic event. When friendship with his buddy’s beautiful widow turns into more, he wonders, what could he possibly offer Jenna? Jenna Morgan is trying to grieve her husband’s death like a proper widow, but the truth is, she never really loved Zach. His death feels more like a relief to her. But that relief is short-lived when she loses her home and the financial support of her in-laws. Now the secrets of her past threaten to destroy her future.
Spring for Susannah
With no prospects for marriage and her parents recently deceased, Susannah Underhill agrees to go west to the Dakota territory to marry her minister's homesteading brother, Jesse. But Susannah is painfully shy, doesn't see herself as worthy of love from either a husband or from God, and lives in constant fear that Jesse is going to ship her back to Detroit.

In spite of her petite size and the fact that Susannah doesn't look like she could survive on the prairie, Jesse quickly discovers that his new wife is a greater blessing than he even hoped for. The years she spent as her father's veterinary assistant allow her to save Jesse's ox and twin calves and to help neighboring farmers with their animals.

But Susannah's feelings of unworthiness are deeply rooted, and she can't believe that Jesse's praise-or the tenderness and love he shows-could possibly last. The thawing of her heart seems almost as distant as Spring in the midst of the winter blanketing the Dakota prairie.

Free Kindle Downloads (which I may actually read someday)
A Chance In TimeChief Cook and Bottle Washer (Travers Brothers Series)One True Love

I stayed away from NetGalley again this week.

It's Monday, What Are You Reading is hosted by Sheila at Book Journey.  She asks what we read or reviewed this week and what we plan to read next week.

This week I finished:

My Foolish Heart (Deep Haven) My Foolish Heart (Deep Haven)  To be reviewed later this week, for a tour.

Spring for SusannahSpring for Susannah  To be reviewed in June, for a tour.

Broken Wings: A Novel Broken Wings: A Novel  My Review.

Currently Reading:
Home and Away: A Story of Family in a Time of WarHome and Away: A Story of Family in a Time of War
Autism Spectrum Disorders (USA Today Health Reports: Diseases and Disorders)Autism Spectrum Disorders (USA Today Health Reports: Diseases and Disorders)

Up Next:

Chasing Sunsets: A Cedar Key Novel (Return to Cedar Key)Skyward

Other posts:
Mother Teresa, CEO: Unexpected Principles for Practical Leadership (Bk Business)  I'm giving away a copy.  Enter here.


  1. I see a few books I am interested in: Deborah Raney, Susan May Warren, and Mary Alice Monroes!

  2. Enjoyed your review of Broken Wings. Have a great week and happy reading. Congrats on staying clear of NetGalley; I wasn't quite as restrained lol

  3. Your books this week sound quite interesting. Enjoy your books and your week. My Monday:

  4. Broken Wings looks really good!

  5. This coming week is my last week off before summer session. I have a few books I want to finish before school begins. Come see what they are.

  6. I know what you mean about downloading free books that I might read someday. I have a couple hundred on my Kindle that are in that category. I did go to NetGalley and asked for 5 or 6 this week. So far three have said yes and allowed me to download the books. My Monday Report is here. Have a great week!

  7. Skyward is on my wish list...and the others look intriguing, too. Enjoy!


  8. Anonymous8:55 AM

    You have about a million books in this meme that I want to read!

    New follower.

  9. You have lots of interesting books on your list. I hope you enjoy your reading this week!

  10. What a great week! Love the sound of several of these :) Hope you enjoy them!

  11. That looks a lovely selection.

    Enjoy your reading!


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