Tuesday, May 03, 2011

My Review: Wedding of the Century

The Wedding of the Century & Other Stories: The Wedding of the Century\Jesse's Wife\Seduced by Starlight

About the Book:

The Wedding of the Century by MARY JO PUTNEY

Stunningly beautiful and extraordinarily wealthy, Sarah Vangelder had always wanted more for herself than to be sold into marriage for the price of a dukedom. But marriage to Justin Aubrey might be the adventure she’s always dreamed of…

Jesse’s Wife by KRISTIN JAMES

When a late-night walk on her father’s ranch inadvertently destroys her reputation, Amy McCallister finds herself married off to Jesse, a sinfully handsome farmhand. But can he convince her to give him her heart, despite their rocky beginning?

Seduced by Starlight by CHARLOTTE FEATHERSTONE
Jase Markham, London’s most dashing—and notorious—rake, has loved his brother’s fiancĂ©e for as long as he can remember. When his brother casts Blossom aside, Jase is determined to finally make her his—if she’s willing to overlook his scandalous reputation!

My Comments:
Come on, a girl is allowed a little mind candy sometimes, isn't she?  This is one volume made of three Harlequin romances.  All the relationships are consummated after the weddings, and yes, we get to watch.  There is no literary value to any of these stories, they are all pure fluff and I had a great time reading this book.    There is nothing new original or different about any of the stories;  as the saying goes, "they are what they are".  Grade:  B (I can't give any higher rating for this type of story).  

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