Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Blog Tour: Home at Last Chance

About the Book:
Dear Reader,

You won't believe what's happened. My son Tulane has come back home! You remember Tulane? He'd set out to find fame and fortune in the big, wide world outside of Last Chance, and I'm mighty proud. But that's not the half of it-Tulane isn't only back, he's brought a young lady with him. 

Now Sarah-she does PR for Tulane's stock-car team-she's from Boston, but she's just about the sweetest girl you could meet. I think she's meant to keep Tulane out of trouble after that story in the papers, but he doesn't want to talk about it. Anyhow, the Ladies Auxiliary can't wait to start matchmaking and introduce Sarah to our Reverend Ellis. But mark my words, Sarah is tired of being a good girl. And no one is better at breaking the rules and raising Cain than my son . . . 

Listen to me going on and keeping customeres waiting. I best get back to work, but you come round again. The Cut 'n' Curl's got hot rollers, free coffee, and the best gossip in town.

See you real soon, 

Ruby Rhodes

My Comments:
If you read this blog, you know I read a lot of romance novels, some Christian, some clean mass-market romances and some that let you watch the action.  I generally try to let my readers know which type a book is because often I find that people who really like Christian romances absolutely don't want to read one that accepts non-marital relations or that let the reader past the bedroom door, and many who read mass-market books don't want to get a sermon with their happy ending.  Like the first book in the series (Welcome to Last Chance), the characters in this book go to church and pray, but it is not a Christian romance.  Like many mass-market books, it has a pre-marital intimate scene--but only one and it is easily skimmed if such things offend you.

Sarah is a marketing researcher from Boston via New York.  To get even with someone at work, she wrote a marketing plan for a brand of diapers that included sponsoring a NASCAR driver, painting his car pink and putting him in a pink bunny suit--and put her competitor's name on it.  Surprisingly, the plan was adopted, and she was detailed to be the bad-boy driver's handler.  She learns to like him, his family and his friends and after the requisite wrenches in the works, surprisingly enough, they get their happily ever after.

It's a cute story that I enjoyed reading.  The characters from Welcome to Last Chance were back, and I'm really looking forward to my next visit to this charming town.  Grade:  B+.

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