Monday, October 10, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 More Bloggers Who Follow Me

I'm enjoying taking a look at my followers and what they write.  Hope you enjoy them too.
This week I'm recognizing ten more bloggers who follow me.  
  1. Ebeth writes A Catholic Mom Climbing the Pillars, and is a contributor to other blogs as well.  
  2. Mary writes Bookfan, one of my regular book blog reads.
  3. Chris writes Soldier of Mary, which he subtitles "Rational Catholic ideas and analysis from a professional military strategist".
  4. The Catholic Science Geek writes about Catholicism and Science (go figure)
  5. Joan writes O Beauty Ever Ancient, Ever New, a Catholic blog.
  6. A Midlife Housewife is a frugal living blog by Lorie.
  7. Contemplative Haven is by Cathy, though she hasn't blogged lately.
  8. Patricia writes a homemaking blog and a book blog.
  9. A Life Sized Catholic Blog is Holly's creation.  
  10. DeeX writes Please Pass the Brownies.
Drop by Amanda's blog and see what other Top Tens folks thought of this week.


    1. What a great idea!!

    2. This is a really sweet idea to highlight followers of your blog! Thank you for visiting my blog today for Top 10 Tuesday. I was excited to learn about the Monday meme at Book Journey. I'm an avid reader and I think that would be a fun meme to participate in.


    3. What a neat idea for a Top Ten Tuesday list!


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