Wednesday, November 16, 2011

About the Book:
In this fourth sexy contemporary romance featuring the personal side of being a Navy SEAL by author Mary Margret Daughtridge, Navy SEAL Garth Vale rescues an abandoned baby while running an undercover mission for the CIA. He desperately needs the help of local MD Bronwyn Whitescarver, who has her own reasons to get involved...

My Comments:
I was at the library today with my youngest, who recently learned that she could get her OWN library card; she no longer had to use Mom's.  After filling out the paperwork, I sat down to read from my Kindle while she used the library's computer and her brand new card to access the same games she can access from our computers.  Unfortunately, my Kindle was  out of battery so I needed something else to read.  This was on the new acquisitions shelf and caught my eye.

She is a tender-hearted doctor who wants to treat people not process patients.  She has just been recruited to this rural area and been offered free use of a house in which she can live and run a practice.  He is a SEAL, sort of.  He was SEAL, was ambushed, and after he recovered, was apparently discharged, but is really doing a covert operation in the same area.  During that operation he comes into possession of a baby.  He knows the baby isn't right so he takes her to the doctor and quickly decides that the doctor is destined to be his mate, his wife.  It takes a little while to convince her about that, but in the end...

It is what it is, which is a steamy romance novel with the subplot about the baby--who is she, where did she come from and how should they protect her?  As far as the romance goes, it's nice to see one where it is the woman who needs convincing.  However, I found him a bit over-the-top, not taking no for an answer either emotionally or physically.  He didn't exactly assault her but said he was going to push things physically until  she made him back off, and of course he was so good at what he was doing that she didn't stop him.  I always hated that in a guy when I was dating-pushing until made to stop and then surprised when I got mad, even though I had said not to ___.  Grade C+ 

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