Saturday, March 24, 2012

Where Have I Been?

If you are a regular reader, I'm sure you've noticed the dearth of posts. Since the beginning of March, I've been in Lexington Kentucky spending my days and nights in the life role I speak little of here, my day job as a paralegal.  I'm up here with two attorneys defending a criminal case.  Hopefully next week I'll be able to tell you that we won and give you some details, but until then, I'll talk about the weather and other such stuff.

We got up here on a Thursday and on Friday we found ourselves in the hotel hallway during a tornado warning.  Nothing here in Lexington was damaged, but there was extensive damage in Eastern Kentucky.  At Mass Sunday morning the priest said that one small parish had its entire church destroyed.  Lots of folks around here are collecting for the relief effort.  

Sunday when I came out of church, snow was falling, but it was melting as soon as it hit the ground.  However, Monday morning I woke up to see (ok, the picture was taken that afternoon, but you get the idea)

I haven't seen this much snow since I was eight years old and we spent December in Wisconsin.  Of course I had to capture such a memorable moment for posterity's sake.
The first weekend we were here, I rented a car and played tourist a little.  I saw Waveland, a plantation home located not far from out hotel.

I then took a drive into the mountain area to a state park.  I didn't venture too far from the parking lot because the park was pretty empty and I was by myself.  However, for a girl from the flat land of New Orleans, the hills are a treat.

After spending a week freezing, it then got warm.  In New Orleans, we have a few flowering trees/shrubs but other than azaleas, we don't really have any common plants were the flowers turn the whole tree or shrub into a riot of color.  I've really enjoyed seeing the flowering trees here and wish I had some better pictures but I was too busy last week to play photographer and it poured last night, knocking many of the blossoms off the trees.  Still, I walked to the park today and took these pictures.

It's funny I guess--I know dandelions are considered weeds and folks work to keep them from their lawns, but the grass around the here is covered with them and I think they are beautiful, so I took some pictures.

I supposed I could say something profound about outsiders seeing things in different ways or appreciating what we take for granted, but I'll just close by saying that Lexington KY is a beautiful city and that the people we have met have been very nice.  That being said, it will be nice to go home. 


  1. You've got some great photos of redbuds here, and I love dandelions, too. They are both blooming in southwest Missouri, too. I'm glad you've been able to enjoy some of your trip away from home!

  2. Lovely pictures! Hope you're home, sleeping in your own bed, very soon. (And helping us figure out what we should be reading!)

  3. I didn't know that you were a paralegal. I hope your case goes well.

    The pictures are fantastic! Personally, I've always loved dandelions. I think they are beautiful.

  4. Great pics - it has been an unusual late winter/early spring in many places. Our forsythia is finished blooming already (a month ahead of the usual time). Good luck with the case!

  5. Snowing?? In Louisville, it's been in the 80s!

    1. The snow was at the beginning of the month; this week it has been in the 80's


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