Monday, May 07, 2012

The Last Real Cowboy: My Review

About the Book:
From the moment he turned up late to her charity's meeting, placating everyone with a tip of his Stetson and a lazy smile, Angela Beck knew that Sam Diamond was going to be Trouble with a capital T.

Angela is the prickliest woman Sam's ever met—let alone had to work with! He'd love to still her sharp tongue with a kiss, but first he has to get close enough to awaken the complex woman beneath the deliberately cool exterior. And that's something only a real cowboy can do.…

My Comments:
I started using Amazon's blurbs to tell about books because they usually give a good summary, so all I have to do is add an opinion.  Honestly I don't think much of the blurb above, but I did really enjoy The Last Real  Cowboy.  Angela has been the victim of abuse and is now in the process of opening what she hopes will be the first of a large number of homes for abused women.  Sam is the heir apparent to a large successful ranch.  His mother was a major patron of Angela's foundation, giving both time and money but when her husband becomes ill, she turns her attention to him, and  passes Angela and her project to her son.  Angela would rather be able to everything herself; she is determined not to get in the position of needing anyone, and yet, she ends up needing Sam and he delivers.  

I liked the way Donna Alward managed to work information about abuse and abusers into her plot and the way she showed why some women seem to not want to get away.  Angela and Sam were great characters who had a lot of sizzle between them, yet they never make it to bed in this book.  

The second story is The Rancher's Runaway Princess  and while it was a quick amusing read, it just struck me as far-fetched and neither main character really caught my interest.  It was about a young woman who recently discovered she was a princess and a Canadian rancher.  Both are afraid of revealing themselves to the other.  Both love horses.  Both learn that love is worth it....

Overall, I'll give the volume a B-.  I'd like to thank the publisher for making a review copy available via NetGalley.  

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