Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Quick Review of Amazon Freebie: Once Was Lost

About the Book:
Holly Dunn is starting life anew after her divorce is finally final. Life is tough, but thankfully, her ex father-in-law (formerly the town sheriff) remains her staunchest supporter, always lending a hand to assure Holly and her children have what they need.

When handsome new undersheriff, Matt Sanders, moves to town, she is embarrassed that their initial meeting happens on the roadway, when he pulls her over for speeding. He’s stern-faced and all-business, but Holly discovers there’s a heart of gold behind the badge.

Thanks to her former father-in-law, who has known Matt’s family for years, the undersheriff becomes a fixture in the family’s lives. Holly finds herself relying on him more and more, but soon decides it’s unfair to cast him in the role of “knight in shining armor.” She is determined to stand on her own two feet and ultimately pushes him away. 

Matt wants a future with Holly, but wonders, can he convince her he’s ready to commit? And if he does, will she ever be able to fully trust again?

My Comments:
This was an Amazon freebie, though right now it is back at $2.99.  It was a good story with likable characters, though the writing was a bit overdone.  Grade:  B-

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