Thursday, January 24, 2013

Review: Another Forgotten Child

About the Book:
Eight-year-old Aimee was on the child protection register at birth. Her school repeatedly reported concerns about her bruises. And her five older half-siblings were taken into care many years ago. So no one can understand why she was left at home to suffer for so long. It seems Aimee was the forgotten child.

The social services are looking for a very experienced foster carer to look after Aimee and, when she reads the referral, Cathy understands why. Despite her reservations, Cathy agrees to Aimee on – there is something about her that reminds Cathy of Jodie (the subject of ‘Damaged’ and the most disturbed child Cathy has cared for), and reading the report instantly tugs at her heart strings.

When she arrives, Aimee is angry. And she has every right to be. She has spent the first eight years of her life living with her drug-dependent mother in a flat that the social worker described as ‘not fit for human habitation’. Aimee is so grateful as she snuggles into her bed at Cathy’s house on the first night that it brings Cathy to tears.

Aimee’s aggressive mother is constantly causing trouble at contact, and makes sweeping allegations against Cathy and her family in front of her daughter as well. It is a trying time for Cathy, and it makes it difficult for Aimee to settle. But as Aimee begins to trust Cathy, she starts to open up. And the more Cathy learns about Aimee’s life before she came into care, the more horrified she becomes.

It’s clear that Aimee should have been rescued much sooner and as her journey seems to be coming to a happy end, Cathy can’t help but reflect on all the other ‘forgotten children’ that are still suffering…

My Comments:
I enjoyed this heartwarming and yet heartbreaking story. Throughout the book we see the contrast between the life Cathy tries to provide and the life Aimee has lived.  We see the contrast between Cathy's competency and the incompetency of both the social service system and Aimee's birth mother.  

If I had one criticism of the book it is that Cathy came across as too  perfect.  She never got mad, always got Aimee to do what she wanted, and had beautiful children.   

Cathy is English and uses English spelling.

I enjoyed this book and thank the publisher for providing a review copy via Edelweiss.  Grade:  B+ 


  1. I'm sure this book was taken right from the pages of life. It's unfortunate that situations like this exist.

    Happy New Year, RAnn!

  2. I will be reading this book through Amazon Vine soon


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