Saturday, January 19, 2013

Review: Learning to Lean

About the Book:
What might it be like to meet our God on that first day in heaven? Does Jesus walk with me along my journey? Will He still be with me in my graying years? What might the Centurion have felt as he hammered the placard above Jesus’ head? Why do people of faith suffer? What can wash away my many sins? What if it had been me lashed to the whipping post, instead of Christ? What does obedience to Jesus look like?

Learning to Lean is a collection of contemplations born out of Richard Maffeo’s maturing devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Within these pages Richard reflects on the storms of life, the travails of faith, and the relationship Jesus wants to have with each of us through them all. Join him in this first contemplative volume. Discover what the Holy Spirit may do with your own relationship with Christ.

My Comments:
I enjoyed this book of short reflections.  The author, Rich Maffeo is a semi-regular on Sunday Snippets and you can get an idea of his writing style by reading his blog, The Contemplative Catholic Convert or by clicking on the Amazon link above and "looking inside" the book.  I found the reflections to be both gentle and challenging--while they didn't scold me for doing wrong, they certainly encouraged me to look at where change is needed and to move in that direction.  The Kindle edition is only $0.99 and it is well worth that.  

I'd like to thank Rich for sending me a review copy of the book.  I was not obligated to write a positive review.  Grade:  B+


  1. Will check out this book. I enjoy reading The Contemplative Catholic blog very much.

  2. Thank you RAnn for hosting and for the review of Rich's book. I will be kicking back with a good read.

    More poetry this week and some post's I thought worth passing on.

  3. Thanks for telling us about this book, RAnn. I've added it to my Kindle Cloud Reader.


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