Saturday, February 09, 2013

King Cake Time!

For those of you who will spend this Tuesday like any other; celebrating the fact that it isn't Monday, you have my condolences.  Here in New Orleans its Carnival time.  Look what my youngest and I made today.  It is really good and here is a recipe so even those of you whose bakeries aren't filled with King Cakes this time of year can celebrate Mardi Gas on Tuesday.

King Cake
2 tubes of crescent rolls
Sugar cinnamon mix (about 1/4 cup total)
2 Tablespoons butter

Form the dough from each tube into a long thin rectangle.  Pinch the triangles together to make one piece of dough.  Brush of drizzle melted butter on the top of each rectangle.  Sprinkle with the sugar/cinnamon mix. Roll each rectangle into a rope, and move to a cookie sheet, forming half the ring with each rope.  Bake per the package directions, about 12 minutes. 

Put about a cup of powdered sugar in the remaining melted  butter.  Thin with milk to make a thick but spreadable icing. Mix a couple of spoonfuls of sugar with purple, green and yellow food coloring (separate bowls for each color).

When the cake comes out of the oven, spread with icing. Sprikle with sugar.  

Happy Mardi Gras!


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