Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival

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I'd like to ask for prayers for Kathy and her family.  I "met" Kathy over ten years ago on an AOL message board for Catholic moms.  At the time those of us who were regulars on that board were pretty much thirty-something moms of young kids.  Quite of few of us have stuck together through the years and now are part of a facebook group.  I've met a few "in real life" but most are "just" cyber friends.  Kathy and I used to IM late at night about our special needs kids, among other things.  She was on of the most compassionate yet sensible people I knew.  Unfortunately this week she lost her battle with lung cancer.  She leaves behind a married daughter who is expecting her first baby in a couple of months, a special needs high school junior and a disabled husband.

Oh, and let me add a proud mama brag:  My older daughter just received a scholarship offer from her college of choice, Northwestern State University of Louisiana.  It will cost us less than $4,000 next year for tuition, room, board, and books!

My only post this week was a review of Catholics Come Home.   However, since it is Lent I'd like to call a couple of old posts to your attention:
Review of Sunday Snippets regular Kathleen Basi's book Bringing Lent to Life
Interview with Kathleen regarding Bringing Lent to Life
Lenten Activities for Children


  1. Thank you RAnn for hosting. A few poems and other posts, I hope of interest. You tell me. God bless.

  2. Thanks for hosting. I am sorry about your friend, Kathy. I will pray for Kathy and her family. Congrats to your daughter! Wonderful news!
    I posted this week on - Put Out Into the Deep; a short video on Cardinal Arinze's statement about Pope Benedict; and Deo Gratias - Pope, Lent & Family.

  3. Prayers for your friend and her family.

  4. Thanks for the shout-out, Ruth. And both congratulations and sympathy for your other news.

  5. Thanks for hosting, RAnn! I am praying for Kathy and her family.
    Congratulations to your daughter!
    This week I have posts about the Pope's announcement, the death of EWTN's beloved Deacon Bill, my Rosary Art collection, a doctor who murdered hundreds of newborn babies, my fan fiction, (I've added a link to my profile and writings to the main page of my blog)
    a highly recommended Anne of Green Gables fic from another writer, which I reviewed on, a re-posting of My First Ash Wednesday, and, of course, my weekly book list.

  6. Scholarships- a parent's consolation.

  7. Hi RAnn, I'm sorry for the loss of your friend Kathy. What a wonderful relationship you've had through cyberspace. Praying for her family! And major congrats on your daughter's scholarship!!

  8. Praying for the repose of your friend and for her family.

    How exciting for your daughter, congratulations!

    Two posts this week, my weekly goals and 7 Lenten resources for Homeschoolers.

  9. Echoing the other posters...keeping your friend, you, and her family in our thoughts and prayers.

    My post this week is a simple crown of thorns bread, whereby the thorns are removed each time a sacrifice is made and the thorn is replaced by a flower. Come Easter Sunday, the crown is full of purple flowers.

  10. My condolences on the loss of your friend. I will pray for her soul and her family.

  11. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Prayers for Kathy and her family - and congratulations to your daughter. Lenten blessings to you and all your readers!


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