Monday, March 11, 2013

Kindle Freebie: Twice the Trouble

About the Book:
Lacey Carlyle has worked for years to create the perfect blend of home, business and family. Now she risks losing everything when the land she farms is bought by the man who abandoned her thirteen years ago.

Alex has never understood why Lacey walked away from him. Now, he holds the deed to her farm and intends to make her pay. The only problem - two kids weren't part of the plan. 

Jenna and Jarrod may not see eye-to-eye but they are both determined to find happiness for their mom and keep their home safe. Can Lacey and Alex put their pasts behind them and embrace a future together?

My Comments:
I read (or at least start) a lot of Amazon freebies; most of them don't show up there.  That should tell you something.  This one grabbed me and held me.  Yes, it's self-published, and yes, there were a few editing errors.  No, the plot isn't the most original in the world but I liked Lacey and Alex, as well as Jarrod and Jenna.  Though there was some non-marital intimacy, it was not described in great detail.  Yes, it was happily ever after, probably too much so, but that's what I like.  Grade:  B-.  

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