Friday, July 12, 2013

Review: How to Create a Catholic Blog

About the Book:
"How to Create a Catholic Blog" is a step-by-step explanation to help Catholics enter into the world of blogging.  Whether you are a new blogger or a seasoned veteran, you will benefit from the straight-forward advice of Mr. Plese.  Mr. Plese is a long-time Catholic blogger who is well suited to advise other Catholics on the ins and outs of creating a blog, maintaining them, developing them into a well recognized brand, and even using them to provide a modest income stream for a family.  This is a must use ebook that can save you hundreds of dollars and hours of headaches.  A must read!

My Comments:
I got an email from Matthew Plese asking me if I wanted to review any of the books offered at  I've been blogging for eight years but it's never to late to learn something new, so I asked for How to Create a Catholic Blog.  I was sent a 52 page pdf file which I promptly forwarded to my Kindle, something I do not recommend you do.  While the book was attractively formatted and easy to read on my computer as a pdf, when I sent that pdf to my Kindle it became difficult to read.  

The book walks you through the whole process of creating a Catholic blog from considering whether you really want to (or are called to do so), starting a blogger blog, posting schedules, content creation,  use of graphics, networking with other bloggers, gathering and analyzing statistics and monetizing your blog.  Even as an experienced blogger I picked up a few tips in the stats category.  While there was advice specific to Catholic bloggers (for example, a list of directories to join), much of the advice was generic to any blogger.

Much of what Plese has to say is readily available on various blogs; in fact, he links to several blog articles in the book.  Still, if you want a short, easy-to-read guide to blogging, particularly Catholic blogging, I think you'll like this one.  His advice generally comported with what I've read elsewhere on the web.  He even mentioned Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival.  

Besides the fact that it is not available in Kindle format, my only criticism of the book is that I think $9.99 is too much for a 52 page ebook; however, if you can parlay his advice into a blog that makes money it would be worth it.

I'd like to thank Matthew for sending me this review copy.  Grade:  B+

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  1. I'm with you on the price. Actually, I'm of the school of thought that if an eBook costs anything close to a physical copy, I'd much rather have the physical copy. This does sound like a nice reference book for blogging, even though I'm not Catholic. Thanks for the review!


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