Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Book Review: Secrets on Cedar Key

About the Book:
In the wake of her husband Andrew's sudden passing, there's nowhere Marin Kane would rather be than back on Cedar Key. Marin plans to run the needlepoint store next to her mother Dora's yarn shop, and settle once more into her tranquil hometown. Then a bombshell arrives: a secret daughter Andrew never revealed to anyone.

Now nineteen, Fiona was the product of a summer affair Andrew had when he was out of town teaching--while Marin was home with their two small sons. All Fiona wants is a chance to meet her half-brothers and Marin--and through them get some sense of the father she barely knew. Marin isn't sure she can ever overcome her sense of betrayal. But buoyed by old friends--and a new love--the answers may unfold, guiding both Marin and Fiona to a true refuge at last.

My Comments:
When you my age and spend a lot of time reading romance novels you spend a lot of time reading about women closer to your daughter's age than to your age.  One think I liked about Secrets on Cedar Key is that it was about a woman close to my age; a woman with grown children whose husband passed away unexpectedly.  

I can't imagine what it would be like to learn many years after the fact that my husband had been unfaithful and had a child without me.  I can't imagine what it must be like to know your father is out there and that he doesn't want to be part of your life.  I really enjoyed watching Fiona and Marin get to know each other.

Marin meets a new man in this book and I really liked him and the way he obviously cared about her.  

The book is part of series and I haven't read any of the others.  I wondered why all those characters showed up so early in the book and it took me a while to keep them straight.  I figured it must be part of a series, and sure enough, it was.

There are pre-marital intimate scenes but they aren't terribly graphic.

Thanks to the publisher for making a review copy available via NetGalley.  Grade:  B.


  1. I've enjoyed the Cedar Key series so this is on my wish list. I also like to read novels with main characters close to my age :)

  2. LOOOOOOOOOVE the cover!!!! I might read the book just to get to stare at the cover! LOL


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