Saturday, November 30, 2013

Review: Sweet Nothings

About the Book:
When Ruby McMillan’s husband announces one morning that he’s dumping her for another woman, she’s unable to decide which indignity stings the most: the dissolution of their eighteen-year marriage or the deflation of her white-chocolate soufflĂ© with raspberry Grand Marnier sauce. Without a good-bye to their two teenaged children, Walter leaves Ruby to cope with her ruined dessert, an unpaid mortgage, and her failing bakery.

With only royal icing holding her together, Ruby still manages to pick herself up and move on, subsidizing her income with an extra job as a baking instructor, getting a “my-husband’s-gone” makeover, and even flirting with her gorgeous mortgage broker, Jacob Salt. For as long as she can remember, Ruby has done what’s practical, eschewing far-fetched dreams and true love in favor of stability. But suddenly single again at the age of forty-four, she’s beginning to discover that life is most delicious when you stop following a recipe and just live. 

My Comments:
When I saw the cover, I figured this would be a breezy, almost silly read.  Surprisingly, it had some depth to it.  I'm on the practical side like Ruby.  I try to act based on fact and not emotion.  I don't chase dreams, I live in the here and now--and sometimes I wonder if the grass is greener on the other side.  Ruby's husband decided the grass was greener and he left her and their two teenagers.  I've read and heard of this happening enough to know it is not an imaginary scenario for too many people, but I've always wondered how men (I don't usually hear of mothers abandoning families) can do that.  I can understand leaving a spouse you don't love for one who catches your eye, but abandoning your children and not providing for them?  Anyway, I digress...

I liked watching Ruby pick herself up and deal with the hand she was dealt.  She grew strong, she took care of her children and she found a new love (I think a little too quickly, but that's me, the logical practical one).  

There is an non-marital intimate scene but I've read racier ones.

I'd like to thank FSB Media for providing a complimentary review copy.  Grade:  B.  


  1. This has been my "want to read" list for a while so I'm glad to see your review. I'm looking forward to it!

  2. The cover definitely gets my attention.If I'd have seen it in the bookstore, I wonder if I would have picked it up though.

    I agree with you about men leaving their children. It's so weak, to say the least.


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