Saturday, June 28, 2014

Learning About Other Cultures

Carole P. Roman must figure that one way to get her books featured on my blog is to send them to me.  Today I woke up from nap to find yet another package from her.  Since her books are cute and educational, I'll go ahead and share them with you.

Each of these books is much like the other.  Each features a boy and a girl telling you about their homeland.  They tell you what they call their parents, what their money is called, games they like to play, what common names are, some famous place in their country and more.  The story is the same in each book, only the details change.  I think this would be a great series of books for a school or a homeschooling mom to acquire.


  1. She keeps sending them to me as well... but I'm tired of reviewing books I didnt request

  2. Please just shoot me an email and we'll take you off the list, if you don't want anymore of the books. I do really appreciate any reviews that are done, but in no way did I expect all of them to be reviewed. They are sent out as a promotion and we are fine for you to donate or give them away. My email is


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