Sunday, June 08, 2014

Sunday Snippets-A Catholic Carnival

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I know I'm late but this is Sunday Snippets, right?  I was busy living life yesterday.  My daughter's Girl Scout troop went blueberry picking in the morning and I was beat when we got home.  Last night I went out with friends and ready for bed when we got home.  Today my daughter and I are headed to Mass with one of those friends and her daughter.  The friend in an alumna of the same  university and her daughter's Girl Scout troop came to New Orleans from Memphis on the train.  

I have been blogging though.  I toured a Christian novel.  I reviewed a cookbook.   I reviewed a book about monogamy.    

Question of the week:  What do you think of Catholic schools?  Are they an important part of passing on the faith to the next generation or are they an expense whose usefulness has passed, or something in between?

I'll answer that later, in another post. Off to Mass.


  1. Thanks for hosting, RAnn. It sound like you are having a fun weekend. :)

    This week I only have one post: my weekly goals. I also answered the question of the week.

    Have a great Pentecost Sunday everyone. :)

  2. Glad it's fun that's draining your battery. More power to you; it's Pentecost!
    Just a couple of prayer / poems for this week.

    I'm still thankful for Catholic schools. I didn't get to go to one, but the world can benefit from more so long as they stay true to being Catholic.

  3. Thanks for hosting, RAnn!
    Now, about Catholic schools: I think that those schools that are faithful to the teachings of the Church are a great blessing, while those that deviate from the teachings of the Church are very dangerous.
    This week, I have three pro-life posts, a video (which some of you may already have seen) of a cat caught stealing from a drawer (too funny!), a new chapter of my ongoing fanfic, "23rd Precinct," and, of course, my book list.

  4. Thanks again for hosting, RAnn!

    Studies done in the late '70s and early '80s showed that Catholic schools were much more effective in enculturating children in the Faith than were once-a-week CCD classes. However, Catholic schools face more problems than just weak catechesis; to pay fair wages to teachers, their tuition has to be a lot higher than back when we had enough nuns to run the schools, which makes them difficult for young families today to afford them.

  5. I agree with Rochelle and Anthony! Thanks for hosting, RAnn, Glad you had a fun Saturday!

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