Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Children's Book: Miraculous Me

About the Book:
What thoughts crossed your mother's mind the first time she saw you? What dreams did your father hold in his heart? Told from the perspective of a baby in utero whose parents are seeing the ultrasound picture for the first time.

A colorful and inspiring way to instill the message that we are each wonderfully made and treasured from the moment of conception. Great pro-life gift for baby showers, new parents, and teaching children!

Fun Fact: In early spring 2013, while putting socks on her newest daughter's feet, Ruth spoke out loud, "Look at those toes, where will they go?" In a moment of sheer inspiration, she grabbed her eldest daughter's Tinkerbell notebook, and between folding laundry and scrambling eggs, wrote the manuscript for this book.

My Comments:
Written in a poetic style, this book is a fun read-aloud showing parents at their first ultrasound dreaming of what their baby will become.  One thing is sure; this baby is cherished whether a he or a she; whether a ballerina or an astronaut.  The parents are ready to play with this child and care for him or her.  That a baby is a gift from God is clear.  

I'll be donating this book, which was given to me for review by Catholic World, to my daughter's Catholic school.  I hope the kids enjoy it.  Grade:  B+.

Catholic Word is the leading Catholic publisher group in the United States, with over 35 publisher members producing books, study programs, audio and videos which provide answers to the burning needs and questions relevant to today's Catholic.

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