Saturday, December 13, 2014

Children's Books from Catholic Word

I got so much stuff from Catholic Word, via the Mega-Advent Giveaway that I'm spreading it out in several posts.  This post will highlight two children's books.

About the Book:
The animals can't wait to share the news. Something exciting and beautiful has come to be! All of creation rejoices as word of Mr. And Mrs. Hoot's owlet spread throughout the farm in this whimsical tale written by Ruth Pendergast Sissel. and Illustrated by Tina Tolliver Matney. "With unbridled joy, their voices rise. All things old become refreshed. Welcome Babe, this joyous day! We pray your life is blessed!"

My Comments:
A cute book showcasing animals that rejoice when their friends have a baby.  Featured animals include the cow, the hummingbird, the butterfly, the peacock, the chicken and the lamb.  There isn't really a plot but young children will enjoy finding their animal friends.  Grade:  B.

About the Book:
Things are usually perfect at Grandma and Grandpa's cabin. But not on the day after a fierce storm comes to Fossil Lake. The cellar, stocked with all the food the family needs, is blocked by a fallen tree. The bridge is washed out, and there's no way to get to town. But it isn't her own rumbling tummy that worries Victoria as much as the sparrows' broken and empty bird feeder. Before the day is through, the young girl will come to understand what providence is all about. The layers of meaning hidden in this story, full of unanticipated twists and turns, have become a trademark of author Sherry Boas' work. The seasoned writer's experiences as a journalist, novelist and mother inspire her to write stories that fill readers with a sense of wonder at life's unexpected goodness.

My Comments:
The illustrations in this book are charming and I guess I'm getting old because the grandmother looked about my age and was dressed like women my age dress.  She wasn't a plumpish woman with curly white short hair who wore and dress covered by an apron.  Grade:  B-.  

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