Sunday, December 28, 2014

Day by Day for the Holy Souls in Purgatory: 365 Reflections

About the Book:
"If we, by our prayers and sacrifices, freed a soul from purgatory, we would then have another intercessor for us in heaven." - Venerable Solanus Casey
Every day we have another opportunity to pray for the holy souls in purgatory - author, speaker, and purgatory expert Susan Tassone gives you a unique tool to do just that.

Day by Day for the Holy Souls includes prayers, teachings about purgatory, real-life stories, Susan's own wisdom, meditations, quotes from the saints, and more. You can use this book however you like - as a daily devotional, as a year round novena, to follow the liturgical seasons - or, just pick it up and read as the Spirit leads you.

God has given us the duty, power and privilege of praying for the release of the holy souls. Now Susan Tassone has given you a powerful way to accomplish that mission.

My Comments:
One area of belief that separates Catholics from other Christians is our belief in Purgatory--a place or state which most people enter after death to cleanse them and prepare them for heaven.  Those in Purgatory are saved, they will eventually get to heaven, but they died with sins and/or attachment to sins that make them imperfect and not ready to be in the presence of God.  Purgatory is the reason that Catholics pray for the dead.  We believe in the Communion of Saints, which means that we believe the Church--God's people--is made of three groups:  The Church Triumphant  is the Saints in heaven, both those canonized (formally named) and those who aren't (most of us).  They can pray to God for our intentions and they don't need our prayers.  The Church Militant is those of us here on earth.  We can pray for others and the prayers of others can help us.  The Church Penitent is those in Purgatory.  They can benefit from our prayers, but can't pray for others--until they get to heaven.  

Day by Day for the Holy Souls in Purgatory: 365 Reflections is a prayer book rather than one that sets out to teach; yet by its format it does teach about Purgatory and what we can do to help those there.  There is a short reading and reflection for each day and those readings generally concern Purgatory or the Poor Souls.  The author quotes saints and theologians and each day's page begins with a short scripture quote.

I'd like to thank Our Sunday Visitor Press for providing a complimentary copy via the Mega Advent Giveaway.  No review was required. Grade:  B

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