Friday, January 15, 2016

Book Blogger Hop: January 15-21

Book Blogger Hop

Book Blogger Hop is hosted at Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer.  This week's question:

Do you think you will ever get tired of blogging?

Yes, but hopefully not for long.  If you look at my archives, you'll see that I'm writing much less often than I once did, and I've had a few months where I have published very little.  I think I'm coming out of the funk a little--I pre-wrote this post and all the other Book Blogger Hop posts since July on one night, on the same weekend I also wrote a bunch of posts for a blogging challange.  I've been reading more so hopefully the posts will come too.  

It's funny, I figured out that my posts became less frequent when we switched from a desktop to a laptop computer.  I hated typing on the laptop, and was always hitting the trackpad.  I decided to buy a keyboard, and so far, I'm very happy.  

Serioulsy, blogging regularly can get to be a chore but my stats show that if I don't post reguarly, I lose readers.  Since I like to have people read what I write, I do try to keep it up.  Will I ever quit?  Probably, but I don't have any plans to do so in the near future.  


  1. RAnn, I ran into some slag this past 2 years...I used to write all the time, but have hit a wall....trying to get out of it recently. Started a cooking blog, too. I miss the Catholic Sunday roundup here, and usually I forgot to connect up.......oh well. Still enjoy your blogger friendship!

    1. I miss Sunday Snippets, too. It made it so much easier to follow other Catholic blogs.


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