Sunday, January 03, 2016

From My Archives: September 2006

I hope you are enjoying these periodic trips into my archives.  I enjoy writing them, and seeing how my blog has changed over the years.  I wish I had kept screen shots of how my template has changed; I have vague memories of some of those ones I used, but most are long forgotten.

I offered the link to World E Bookfair though I have to admit I've never used it, that I can recall.  I reflected on what it means to "pick up your cross".   I wrote about my 9/11 memories.  Helicopter Parenting was another topic I addressed.  

I had two Hurricane Katrina related posts:  In one, I recounted our deacon's story about a couple who needed help, and also talked about the different faith-based responses to a crisis.  I the other, I described a driving tour of the area a year after the storm, and evidently before I had high-speed internet or had figured out how to easily add photos to my posts.

Are you a blogger?  How has your blog changed over the years?

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  1. I loved reading your deacon's story! I noticed that the link to the driving tour post also links to that same story though. I'd love to read that one too when the link is fixed :-)


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