Saturday, August 16, 2008

Chapter 1

The first chapter sounded basically like Weight Watchers with a spiritual bent, which I guess is really what I was expecting. Like WW, it says that diets don't work; you have to make lifestyle changes. It quotes scripture about our bodies being an offering to God and temples of the Holy Spirit. One phrase that caught my eye was "Do the next right thing"--kind of a one day at a time thing.

Chapter 1 includes some questions for reflection and my answers are here:
I want to lose weight because--
Because I feel better at lower weights. Because it is no fun to buy clothes at my weight. Because I want to be here to raise my baby (I'll be in my 60's by the time she is grown)

I want to lose weight so I can--
Shop anywhere I choose
Keep up with my kids

And be a good example to--
My kids

If I lose weight, then in the future I can see myself
Taking Girl Scouts on a hike and not getting tired
Buy that dress in the window

If I don't lose weight, then in the future I can see myself
being worn out when trying to do stuff with the kids
wearing ugly clothes
shopping in the big lady stores

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