Saturday, August 09, 2008


Right now hope is my favorite of the theological virtues because I really am hoping for a good school year. My big kids start Monday. I'm hoping my daughter will keep her nose to the grindstone and get her work done. We were awfully afraid she might lose her spot at her magnet school because of poor grades and she wasn't a happy camper. The school's math was different from mine and she'd back--but there is no reason we should have to worry about her grades, she is quite capable of all they are throwing at her. My son starts in our neighborhood public high school. Even though he failed two classes last year, he is still on track to graduate on time. They are putting him in a resource room for one period (of 4) per day. They will give him tutoring in areas in which he is having trouble and will work on organization skills etc. We haven't done an IEP yet, but I'm feeling hopeful. His classes will all be academic. I was hoping for some vocational type classes but between having "used" his electives by failing two classes and by taking religion for two years, and having that resource class (for which he does get graduation credit) there just isn't much time left for electives. Oh well, there is always the community college and/or vo-tech school. Oh, and they had supply day at the little one's school and I managed to pick up on two used uniforms for $9.00 each (new they are over $30) I'd like to have one more--but I may see how it goes. We bought spirit shirts today and they said they can wear them sometimes so if sometimes is a lot, then maybe the two will be enough. I still have to get her the obnoxiously expensive school shoes that probably should be replaced in March or April but which I, like most sensible parents, will insist she wear until school is out (unless of course they are uncomfortably small).


  1. I'll be hoping right along with you. Really, your experience has given me even more insight into my vocation. Thank you for sharing

  2. I was just thinking about your kids yesterday and wondering when they were starting school. I pray this is a good year for both your teens


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