Friday, August 15, 2008

First Place 4 Health

This is a book I got from First Wildcard. It is by Carole Lewis and here is an Amazon link. The cover says "Your weight loss miracle". As those of you who read this regularly know, I lost quite a bit of weight on Weight Watchers a year ago. Unfortunately, the jeans I'm wearing today, which were loose a year ago, are on the tight side. Anyway, instead of reading this book all the way through, and then commenting on it in one short post, I thought I'd use it to try to get my weight back on track and see how things go. Then, on the appointed day, you can read the first chapter here!

I know how to take off weight and keep it off--but as I've said before, if I prefered salads and exercise to dessert and reading or playing on the computer, I wouldn't have a weight problem. Maybe this book will motivate me again.

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