Thursday, October 23, 2008

Person or Problem?

I loved this book. It features two men who on the surface are very different. One is a white, blue-collar born world-class art dealer who has made big money. The other is a black man who was raised as a sharecropper, ended up in the Louisiana State Prison and later, on the streets, homeless, in Ft. Worth. The two met when the dealer's wife decided they were going to volunteer at a mission that served the homeless. Then she said God told her that the two men were to be friends. The two men alternate chapters of the book, so you see how each perceived the same story. Bottom line: The art dealer's wife saw the homeless man as a person and related to him as a person, not as a problem to be fixed. Because of the way she related to him, he was able to fix his life. How often do we see those in need as people, rather than as problems to be fixed?

Click here to read the first chapter.

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