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Hannah Grace: My Review

Hannah Grace (Daughters of Jacob Kane, book #1) Hannah Grace by Sharlene Maclaren

My review

rating: 3 of 5 stars
If you like Christian fiction and you like romance novels, you will probably like this story, set in 1903 in Sandy Shores, a Michigan town on the Lake. Hannah Grace, the oldest of three sisters (I guess there are going to be two more books in the series), has been keeping company with the town's doctor. She is fond of him and believes they are headed toward marriage, yet she thinks something is missing. Then the new sheriff comes to town, and with him, an orphan boy who stowed away in his wagon. As she and the sheriff work together to care for the boy, guess what happens? There is another plot thread about the boy's origin and the criminal activity he witnessed, so the book is a little more than a standard romance novel.

This book is on the more religious end of the Christian fiction spectrum. Both Hannah and the sheriff pray often and mull over scripture. However it is not one of those "get saved and live happily ever after" books either -- though it does have a happy ending.

This is a First Wildcard book and if you check back December 12, you will be able to read the first chapter.

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  1. Great clear review. I think Sharlene is just wonderful. I hope you don't mind, but I posted a link to your review in my blog.




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