Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Thank Goodness Its Over

Yes, I mean the campaign. No, I'm not happy about the winner, but on the other hand, I don't join those who think that because of this our country is going into the tank either. My husband is so angry. He is talking about purposefully not supporting this country-trying to by foreign good so that "those overpaid union members" who put BO into office can suffer along with the rest of the country. He is sure that our taxes are going through the roof and that the welfare class will get larger. I'm not convinced that is true either. It seemed that 16 years ago Clinton had a mandate to change the healthcare system in the US, but in the end, little came of it. Our system doesn't lend itself to radical changes, and I think that's a good thing.


  1. I am sorry that your husband chooses to support other countries over supporting his own. It is the country he chooses to raise his children in.
    Obama did not create the unions- the country did by treating workers so poorly. Do I agree that an assembly person with ten years at GM should make $100,000 more than me- no. Do I understnad how that happened? Yes.
    I look forward to all having health care- I have another student who has a mom in the hospital because she could not afford to go to the doctor to get a script for an infection.That will cost me a far greater amount in the long run. How did we permit simple things to go so out of wack?

  2. I too am not happy with the outcome of the election. And yes, I do fear the direction that this country may take under our new leadership. My greatest concern is regarding appointments to the Supreme Court.

    But I will not walk away from the challenge. Now. more than ever, we that disagree must speak up, loud and clear. And hope it is enough.


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