Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Hunger Games: My Thoughts

The Hunger Games

I sometimes think I'm the only book blogger who hasn't reviewed The Hunger Games.  Since so many folks have already done so, I'm not going do a formal review except to say that I liked it (though I would have preferred a more final ending), that my teen daughter (whose book it was) loved it.  It is the first book in a trilogy.  My daughter can hardly wait to read the rest; I'm somewhat interested.  I found it well written, and I grew to care about the characters.  If you aren't familiar with the story, the main characters were picked to participate in State-sponsored reality show on steroids, a fight to the death by teens from each of 12 districts.  

I read some Amazon reviews in which people said they felt manipulated by the ending, which is clearly a set-up for another book.  I agree.  


  1. I'll mention this book to Abigail - she's looking for teen books that aren't all about vampires

  2. I very much liked this book and did not have an issue with the ending. Yes, the ending is a setup for the second...and third book and that is no secret.

  3. Caite, I don't have a problem with books in a series; I just think there should be a little more finality than what existed here. At the end of Harry Potter book 1 the basalick (sp) was dead, and the kids went home for the summer. There was no real "what happens next" raised in my mind at that point, whereas in the second to last book, it was obvious there was more to come--and I didn't like it there anymore than I liked it here. I think she should have sent them home to a victory parade--and then let the bad stuff start in book two

  4. It seems this is true of most of the formulaic fiction series these days. BUT, Collins seems to write much better than many of the others. My son loved her Overlander series, and he's not the avid reader my daughter is. I'll have to point him in this direction when we get to summer library trips.


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