Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lumby Books

Lumby's BountyThe Promise of Lumby

It's funny.  Sometimes when I get started on a series of books I enjoy, I get so aggravated that I have to wait months (or even years) for the next book in the series.  Other times, I'll start reading the book after several (or even all) books have been published, and go from book to book in short order, and overdose on them.  It happened to me with the Mitford books, and it happened to me with the Lumby books.  I enjoyed the first two books, as noted in my reviews here and here, but when I picked up book three, Lumby's Bounty, I just couldn't get excited about it.  I'll put these two books away for another time, but I'd like to thank Caitlyn Price  at FSB for sending me the review copies.

What about you?  Do you read series?  Do you prefer to read them one after the other, or to wait months between books?

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  1. I'm right there with you on the problem with series.
    When I start a new one I get anxious for the next book and sometimes the time gap is so long I have forgotten some of the initial story.
    but I did overdose last year on Karen Kingsbury after reading book upon book


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