Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blog Tour and Review: Flaws and All

Flaws and AllIf you read the post right below this, you will see the blurb from the back of the book.  I read it tonite in a few hours so it is a quick easy engaging read. It is amazing the different cultures in our country, many of which exist side-by-side. I find it interesting that when I read Amish Christian fiction, the couples are always pure--or at least very sorry they weren't.  Generally speaking, if I read contemporary mainstream Christian fiction the characters, for the most part, are faithful to their spouses and relatively pure before marriage.  I don't read a lot of urban Christian fiction but find it interesting that infidelity and non-marital, even non-loving sex seem commonplace.

Flaws and All is about a bunch of young women.  Lawson got pregnant when she was 16 and never told the baby's father.  She's been with a guy for years, he wants to get married, but she wants to wait.  Her baby's father is still single, and has a daughter by another woman.   Reginell is working as a stripper.  Sullivan is the pastor's wife and she's having a fling, a fling that's not her first.  Angel's husband left her for another woman.  Kina got pregnant in high school and her husband is abusive.  Everybody here lives happily ever after but the book is obviously about a culture almost as different from mine as the horse and buggy Amish.  Grade:  B

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  1. I believe UCF books for the most part try to write about life in a real way. Non marital and non loving sex happens in all cultures. Whether it is addressed in books is a different issue. This does not mean that we (UCF authors) accept these behaviors but we don't have a problem addressing them in a honest and relevant way.

  2. interesting observation Ruth. never thought about that

  3. Loved the review and completely agree. I've stopped accepting/requesting Urban Christian Fiction. They're just not for me.


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