Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Review: Angel's Peak

Angel's Peak (Virgin River)

I''m not sure which number this one is in the series, but it was obvious I missed quite a few books between this one and Virgin River.  This is one of those series where the author spends pages catching the reader up with characters who have little to do with the story at hand, but who the readers will remember from other stories (if they read them).

I didn't like Angel's Peak as much as I did Virgin River.  The couple in this one is Sean and Franci.  I think Sean is the brother of one of the Marine buddies of the hero of Virgin River.  He is an Air Force pilot and while he loves Franci, he doesn't want to get married or have a family.  When she insists on a commitment or a break-up, he chooses the break-up.  What she didn't tell him was the reason she drew the line in the sand, namely, she was expecting.  Fast-forward four years and they run into each other again, and he wants her back.  He soon learns about the baby and decides they should all become a family.  Franci isn't so sure....but...it's a romance novel, so guess what?

As I said before, we catch up with several couples who have gotten together in earlier books, and this book includes the wedding of one--a Presbyterian minster and a single mother.  It also features a romance between Sean's mother and the minister's father.

Why didn't I like it as much as Virgin River?  Well, for one, I prefer stories where the passion flows from the romance, rather than those where the passion leads to romance, and in this one, at least at the beginning, passion seems to be the driving force.  Also, Carr makes a big deal of Sean being raised Catholic, and his mother being uber-Catholic, but then knocks the Church's stand on birth control and has her agreeing to move in with a man without the benefit of marriage.  She also has the minister and his fiacee in bed together.  I guess I'm old fashioned and think that a minister should wait (or at least feel guilty for not waiting).

Grade:  B-

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