Sunday, November 28, 2010

Review: The House on Olive Street by Robyn Carr

The House on Olive Street

I've enjoyed quite a few Robyn Carr books lately so when I saw The House on Olive Street  at the used book store, I decided to try it.  I like happy endings wrapped up in a bow as much as anyone, but this book was just too much.  This group of women writers meets regularly, usually at the house of Gabby.  The book begins with the other members finding Gabby dead when they show up at her house for her surprise birthday party.  At the funeral, Gabby's ex-husband gives one of the writers a note from Gabby asking her to go through Gabby's papers if this day ever came.  The chosen one is a professor who has summers off, so she decides to move into Gabby's house for the summer.  One by one the others have crises in their lives, and join her there, along with Gabby's mother.  By the end of the book everyone's problems are resolved, and Gabby is the best-selling author of a book she spent years writing, an autobiographical novel.  It was all just too pat.  Grade C+..

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